Quality Policy Statement



The Policy of Shannonside Galvanising is dedicated to achieving and maintaining a high standard of quality by complying with the requirements of ISO9001 and by providing products and services that meet the satisfaction of its client relative to specification requirements. These services are fit for purpose and commissioned for the client in accordance with instructions, and Shannonside Galvanising is dedicated to continuous improvement of the Quality Management system.This is achieved through understanding the detailed requirements of the client and providing all services for our clients using the highest International Standards and Codes.


Shannonside Galvanising has developed a company strategic direction and identifies internal and external issues which are relevant to this strategy.

We are committed to the continual improvement of our quality programs and strategy to meet Client requirements.


This Quality Assurance System is designed to ensure that all activities carried out by Shannonside Galvanising are planned, controlled and performed in a manner and to a standard of quality that is predictably acceptable to our clients.


In performing their duties the Management of Shannonside Galvanising commit themselves and all of their employees to maintaining and continually improving our quality system; to exercising all reasonable skill and care; and will ensure that regular reviews of the Company’s performance take place and that the operation of the Quality Assurance System is monitored at regular intervals in order to ensure maximum effectiveness.


It is the responsibility of all employees to familiarise themselves with the contents of this quality manual and to comply with the policies and procedures lay down in this manual and associated documentation at all times.




Dermot O’Brien

General Manager

Shannonside Galvanising Limited

Date: 11/01/2017